Phantom Circuit #122

By | June 30, 2013

International emanations via the Phantom Circuit.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #122

Available from 30th June 2013

Artist Track Source
Ivanov Down Phantom Phantom
Sardine V Pictures I Hate You (12″)
Adviruz Love Scum A Place to Hide
Klood Virus Liquide 1 Barnes Habot
Baka forest people of south-east Cameroon Water Drums 1 Heart Of The Forest
Negative Spectrum Interlude Beneath
Nicholas Starke Innermost Calm Abstraction
Phillipe Lamy Un peu de calme Histoires Naturelles
Organoid Inner Vacuum Inner Vacuum
Dreamlogicc An Inner Inn The Singularity
Dave Jones Last In, First Out Midnight in the Birlec
Mystified Dark Circuit Imparted