Phantom Circuit #121

By | June 13, 2013

Dream monologues.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #121

Available from 13th June 2013

Artist Track Source
Au Revoir Simone A Violent Yet Flammable World The Bird Of Music
Caldara (aka Caldera) In Flames May I Not Be Burned A Moog Mass
Room Nine Unlimited Fenix (On A Rainy Day) Full Moon
Sun-Inside Claustrophobia Speed Beauty
Logical Disorder Claustrophobia Breathe 01
Anime Hill Filterbreather Anime Hill
Philip Sulidae Fine Hills Meetings with Half Light
Xingu Hill Newshounds Relay
Rasul Mono Dogstar Silhouettes
John Lennon #9 Dream Power To The People – The Hits
Zeus Scientist His Dream Monologue Zeus LP
Jürgen Müller Sauerstoff Blassen Science Of The Sea
Crash Course in Science Mechanical Breakdown Cakes in the Home