Sep 032012

Frozen warnings and silent commands.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #105

Available from 3rd September 2012

Artist Track Source
Dreza Afterimage Dead Cells
Sintetic Collage Añoranza de Las Imagenes Inexistentes Concrete Moments
F600 La Piña (Pineal_Mix) At Home Like a Tourist
Gang Of Four At Home He’s a Tourist At Home He’s a Tourist (7″)
Deef Der windige, alte Müßiggang Eine ganz normale Woche im Paralleluniversum
Nasienie Windstorm Odd Remixes Volume 2
Djet Storm Warning Some Songs 2
Nico Frozen Warnings The Marble Index
Saluki Regicide Snow In The Library Mirage Emigrants
The Silent Committee Snowfall I Heard Something In The Distance, Volume 7
Cabaret Voltaire Silent Command Silent Command (7″)
Gershon Kingsley The First Commandment God is a Moog
Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze Three Pipers at the Gates of Dawn IX Dark Side of the Moog IV
4th Alternative New Dawn New Dawn
Abominations of Yondo A Million Mouths at Dawn Clandestine
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