Aug 192012

Headphone happiness.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #104

Available from 19th August 2012

Artist Track Source
Celibates Girls with Headphones A Shameless Fashion
Quimper Shame (Demo) [Soundcloud]
Kemper Norton 791.437 Libraries Act
Julia van der Piller Book of Noise Perverted Games, Phase II
Wedding Noise 3 Stray Thoughts AtlanThis
H.C. Turk Dear Idea Hardwired Heart
Crash Course in Science It Costs to be Austere Near Marineland
Bruce Haack Ancient Mariner Electric Lucifer Book 2
Neu! Seeland Neu ’75
Quarterbit Harbor Harmonic The Antarctica Files
Frédéric Mercier Pacific Heart Pacific
Taphephobia This House Has Many Hearts Nord Ambient Alliance Tour 2009
Severed Heads Houses Still Standing Since The Accident
Ben Woods Together Standing We Are Silhouettes Now
Saloon Absence If We Meet In The Future
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