Phantom Circuit #91

By | January 23, 2012

Featuring an improvised session of dark ambient music made for the programme by Leonardo Rosado.

You can find out more about Leonardo’s work with sound, photography, poetry and other media on his Web site.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #91

Available from 23rd January 2012

Artist Track Source
Ectoplasm Girls This Is TxN
Leonardo Rosado On a Foggy Seashore Morning session for Phantom Circuit
Vozrozhdeniya El Mar Habla Conmigo Broadcast from Somewhere
Lefolk Kamloops Weather to Shore
Autocreation Justice Loop Mettle
Cinema Verité Loop II Cinema Verité
Xeno & Oaklander Vagabond Sentinelle
Valgeir Sigurðsson Dreamland Draumalandið
Daniel W. J. Mackenzie N.A.C.A.L. III ‘Return Written Arrange’
Leonardo Rosado The Black Waves Crashing Down session for Phantom Circuit
Ange Bivouac 2° parte Le Cimetière des Arlequins
Enno Velthuys Au Revoir A Glimpse of Light