Phantom Circuit #90

By | January 11, 2012

People, animals, nature and other. Bite the bars and ding the bell.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #90

Available from 11th January 2012

Artist Track Source
Laurie Johnson Animal Magic The Sixties
Tomita The Engulfed Cathedral Snowflakes are Dancing
Paul Williams Sunken Cathedral Chappell AV Series: Sea/Water
Paul Williams Phantom’s Theme (Beauty and the Beast) Phantom of the Paradise
Uschi-No-Michi SparK SparK
Pissy Relay Switches Animal Einstein One Stop Shopping
Giraffe Animal There is No Devil
The Diagram Brothers We Are All Animals Some Marvels of Modern Science
Elbis Rever Is that Your Animal Jacek Vol II
SEVEN People, Animals, Nature and Other Shine
Piero Umiliani Echoes de la Nature Effets Speciaux
Peter van Garderen Plants and Animals L’Embrasse
Caroline K Animallattice Now Wait for Last Year
Xenoton VALIS (Vast Active Living Intelligent System) Passage
Noisesurfer The Replicant Song Evening Road
Slow Otherworld Images Strange Dreams
John Keating I Feel the Earth Move Space Experience
Malcolm Clark / BBC Radiophonic Workshop Earthshock – Requiem Doctor Who: Earthshock Vol. 1
Midas Touch Earth Shaker Earth Shaker