Welcome to the new site

By | October 29, 2011

A new home for phantomcircuit.com

The address of the main Web site for Phantom Circuit has always been https://phantomcircuit.com. However, that address will no longer take you to pages hosted at wordpress.com, but instead to this self-contained site. It behaves just like the old site so if you knew that one you won’t feel lost.

New RSS feed

RSSIf you follow Phantom Circuit through the RSS feed, please subscribe to the RSS feed for the new site.

No change to the email list

The email list, Twitter and other ways of keeping informed about Phantom Circuit are unchanged.

Updating links on your sites and blogs

If you’ve linked to pages at http://phantomcircuit.wordpress.com from your own site or blog, thanks very much. However, you now see why the official URL was always preferred: it will always be right, regardless of hosting location. Never mind, the links are easily fixed: just delete the “wordpress” part. This trick works for specific pages and blog posts, too, so:-

http://phantomcircuit.wordpress.com can be changed to https://phantomcircuit.com

http://phantomcircuit.wordpress.com/listen-now/ can be changed to https://phantomcircuit.com/listen-now/

… and so on. Links will then lead to the new site.

But in any case…

… the old WordPress.com site will redirect to the new one, at least for a little while.

Improvements to follow

Improvements, design tweaks and bug-fixing will follow soon…