Phantom Circuit #77

By | July 12, 2011

Featuring a session of ambient and atmospheric music recorded for the show by Gurdonark.

“The song cycle is a collection of mostly rural and perhaps forgotten places…”

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #77

Available from 12th July 2011

Artist Track Source
Odaibe Sputnik Dub Overdrive Hello World
Gurdonark Knot Hill Session for Phantom Circuit
Gurdonark Oldham Loop Line Session for Phantom Circuit
Nigul Cérvol Cérvol
Dome Long Lost Life Dome 2
Guy Birkin Ice Cloud Nine Symmetry-Breaking
Gurdonark Bredbury Session for Phantom Circuit
Gurdonark Audenshaw Session for Phantom Circuit
Swaying Smoke Drowning Sensory
Dunaewsky69 Finik K Pac Pac
Chizito Suicida Sola Chizito Suicida
Nach After Proem Across Above Around
Gurdonark Sandwell Valley Session for Phantom Circuit
Rowboat Magicians Hidden Places Strange Invention

Correction to the programme: the title of the Nach After release is shown correctly above.