Phantom Circuit #75

By | June 19, 2011

Featuring a set of drone ambience for the show by the versatile and prolific Russian musician Kirill Platonkin (Кирилл Платонкин), who has also released music as Platon and as GhostSonic.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #75

Available from 19th June 2011

Artist Track Source
Meteer end.world_as_we_know_it End
Kirill Platonkin Let It Go Session for Phantom Circuit
Mikans The Way Back Number 2
Dream Oblivion Bi-Shop Faked Reality
Squinancywort Propter Hoc Six Kinds of Slightly
Kirill Platonkin When Sound is Turning into Light Session for Phantom Circuit
MHV Ssunn Thanks for n0theen – Daystream
Klara Fall Rutschen Thanks for n0theen – Daystream
Lusruta Intrare Aude (Tomorrow Ends Today)
Kirill Platonkin Quiet Solitude Session for Phantom Circuit
Tiruset Fling Part 1
Leonardo Rosado It Ends Here Opaque Glitter