Feb 282011

Featuring an interview with Harrys Gym. We chat with the full line-up of Anne Lise Frøkedal, Erlend Ringseth, Ole Myrvold and Bjarne Stensli about the songwriting process, long Norwegian nights, vintage synthesisers and, of course, apostrophes.

Use the player above to listen to the show or listen at Mixcloud.com.

Playlist for Phantom Circuit #65

Available from 28th February 2011

Artist Track Source
Aggnès Pe Epístola para una riña Epístolas
Román Ramón Roman 6 Cuellos
Harrys Gym Old Man What Was Ours Can’t Be Yours
Harrys Gym interview – part 1
Harrys Gym Top of the Hill Harrys Gym
Harrys Gym interview – part 2
Harrys Gym Mountains What Was Ours Can’t Be Yours
Harrys Gym interview – part 3
Harrys Gym No Hero What Was Ours Can’t Be Yours
Mark Swift Interlude Heptonstall Lights
Hong Kong in the 60s Diaryland My Fantoms
Hong Kong in the 60s Cobb’s Box My Fantoms
Nonima Data Lines [50+1] An Electronic Swindle
Dissolved Planispiral Snuffbox [50+1] An Electronic Swindle
Bernadette Erikka What’s This All About My Life is a Comedy
M. Nomized Infinite Voices Necktar 2017 volume 3
Kate Bush A Coral Room Aerial
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