Phantom Circuit # 63 (5th Feb. 2011)

By | February 5, 2011

Mostly new releases, ranging from rock to jazz to dance, as if any of those terms really mean much when trying to label the good stuff.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #63

Available from 5th February 2011

Artist Track Source
Redtheplaneeet!!! The Chaser Het Tuig Aanpakken
Tiruset Three Portals Siruxect
Portal Prana (Slow Burner) Mmm050
Carl Matthews Prana Life Force
Squinancywort Lost Grist
Drugg In Those Found Times Shackled
Garry Bradbury The Amphetamine Song Drug Induced Sex Rituals
Dead Sea Apes Soy Dios Soy Dios
Straight Component U Can Lose Consciousness Don’t Fake Memories
Annette Peacock A Loss of Consciousness The Perfect Release
Doyeq Eyelashes of Lanterns Eyelashes of Lanterns
Sistra Take Me Home Space Invader Tiny Boat

Correction to the show: it appears that Redtheplaneeet!!! is not from Indonesia (despite being on an Indonesian netlabel).