Phantom Circuit #62 (28th Jan. 2011)

By | January 28, 2011

Voyages around the world and into space, music inspired by Boards of Canada, outsider pop and other happy listening.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #62

Available from 28th January 2011

Artist Track Source
Elbis Rever It’s Golden Magic Jacek III
Biconnection Psychotic Happyness Psychotic Pop Light
Pyrolator Happiness Ausland [CD bonus track]
Robert Schroeder Moments Paradise
Nisei23 Saturn Dreaming of Mercury Soft Shapes
AAGSF Saturn Solar System
N. Sputnik Space Hop [Soundcloud]
Island Near the Clouds Between Landscapes of Reality One on Twoism Volume 4
SecondaryCell These are my Children One on Twoism Volume 2
Phenoplastic Flying Ants One on Twoism Volume 4
Lawrence King Erroneous One on Twoism Volume 3
Automatic Tasty Error 400 (Bad Request Mix) World Wide Web
Rima Shaar Ma Habni Rima Shaar
The Shaggs Philosophy of the World Philosophy of the World
He Said Kidnap Yourself Hail
Bernard Herrmann Finale The Day the Earth Stood Still