Phantom Circuit #61

By | January 18, 2011

Black sands, loops and wrongness.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #61

Available from 18th January 2011

Artist Track Source
Moral Lady Happiness And Life is…
Ladytron Ace of Hz Ace of Hz
Con-Hertz Face on Radio Face on Radio
Duet Emmo Or So It Seems Or So It Seems
Vertical67 Cliffwalk Wicklow House
Noisesurfer Blank Ink Evening Road
Distance and Materials Black Sand Yukon Picnic
Lunar Testing Lab Black Sands Seashore Blvd.
The Focus Group Reflected Message Hey Let Loose Your Love
Relmic Statute Tapeloop 5 Morning Tapes
Cinéma Vérité Loop III Cinéma Vérité
Kiksu What’s Wrong With You? Antiloop
Emergency I Know What’s Wrong Get Out to the Country
Coding Goodbay Dance Holy Dance