Phantom Circuit #60

By | January 10, 2011

Featuring moody electronic music by Cousin Silas, in his second session recorded for Phantom Circuit.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #60

Available from 10th January 2011

Artist Track Source
Helico Bacter Paper Boat Rouge & Noir
Cousin Silas Beached [Session #2 for Phantom Circuit]
Cagey House Pasch Hup Ratty Boo
Belkastrelka Fiksi Pencuri Mimpi Penyusup Misterius & Suara-Suara Aneh dari Kamar
The Musicians of the Studios of
Radio Republic Indonesia of Bandung
Palwa Gongs: Asie du Sud-Est
Cousin Silas Black Tide (The Phantom Circuit Part 2) [Session #2 for Phantom Circuit]
NB Black Flux Oppositional Reflections
Bot’Ox Blue Steel Future Disco Vol. 3: City Heat
Moon.Plants Moon.Plants Moon.Plants
Cousin Silas Herbert West Goes East [Session #2 for Phantom Circuit]
Cousin Silas Split Tarmac [Session #2 for Phantom Circuit]
Allie Moss Prisoner of Hope Passerby

“Fiksi Pencuri Mimpi” means “The Tale of the Dream Thief” (thanks to Asa of Belkastrelka).