Phantom Circuit #59

By | January 1, 2011

Featuring a collaborative session for Phantom Circuit by Mutate and Thee Moths.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #59

Available from 1st January 2011

Artist Track Source
Belkastrelka Glitch of Dream Penyusup Misterius & Suara-Suara Aneh dari Kamar
Keren Ann My Name is Trouble My Name is Trouble
N.B. Phantom Phantasy Sketches
Buben vs Volha Hapeyeve Вагон No. 898 Неизвестный диск
Longterm Investments Fun with Motorsaws Evolve
Mutate and Thee Moths Phantom Circuit session session recorded for Phantom Circuit
Electric Light Orchestra Daybreaker On the Third Day
Kaa Antilope The Break of Day Coal Heart for Ever
Tangerine Dream Sunrise in the Third System Alpha Centauri
Clytem Scanning Kiss Hang Fire Clytem Scanning

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  1. Asa Rahmana

    hi there,
    i just found my song (Glitch of Dream – Belkastrelka)on your list. Thank’s a lot for your appreciation.

    Best regards,

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