Phantom Circuit #58

By | December 23, 2010

Christmas edition, featuring Sarah Blasko recorded live in Birmingham on 22nd November.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #58

Available from 23rd December 2010

Artist Track Source
Werdwolfen Christmas Pan Disaster Christmas with Uncle Brian
Nico Roses in the Snow The Marble Index
Tomita Snowflakes are Dancing Snowflakes are Dancing
Loz Koleszko Zombies in the Snow Gravel Spines
Sarah Blasko Bird on a Wire As Day Follows Night
Hugh Le Caine Xmas Music: Organ Control for Automatic Light Display Compositions, Demonstrations 1946 – 1974
BBC Radiophonic Workshop Christmas Commercial BBC Radiophonic Music
Werdwolfen Christmas with Fabreze Christmas with Uncle Brian
Alquimia The Duality of the Goddess Coatlicue: Goddess of the Earth
Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares –
The Bulgarian State Television Female Vocal Choir
Koledarska Pesen (A Christmas Lad’s Song) Ritual
Sarah Blasko All I Want [Live in Birmingham, 22nd Nov. 2010]
Cousin Silas Festive The Snow Imposed Silence
Werdwolfen Wrap the Ugly Teddy Christmas with Uncle Brian
Hawkwind The Lost Messiah Church of Hawkwind
The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus Nativity Mirror
Francis Bebey Forest Nativity Nandolo / With Love
[uncredited] Song of rejoicing After Returning from a Hunt (2) Ba-Benzélé Pygmies
Khate Ymas Therapy
Sarah Blasko No Turning Back [Live in Birmingham, 22nd Nov. 2010]
Waipod Phetsuphan Ding Ding Dong The Sound Of Siam
The Residents Fire Meet the Residents
Annette Hanshaw Am I Blue Volume 6 1929

Pedantic note: although ‘Fire’ appears on some reissues of ‘Meet the Residents’ as a bonus track, it is originally from the 1972 EP ‘Santa Dog’.

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  1. Ex of Brum

    I think it’s so cool that you wanted to namecheck Sarah Blasko’s band. Let me do it for you. David Hunt: piano. David Symes: double bass. Ben Fletcher: guitars, banjo, percussion & what not. Fredrik Lundqvist: drums. Keep on finding beautiful sounds!

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