Ah, listeners…

By | November 22, 2010

A few days after Phantom Circuit #53 was made available, the count of listeners suddenly went crazy and, by the end of its first week of being online, show #53 had clocked up over 200 listeners. An audience of 200 might seem pretty low compared to say, a YouTube video of someone sharpening a pencil or indeed a show playing more mainstream music… but for a DIY showcase for generally obscure music, an audience of such a size is really pretty good – and was certainly unprecedented in the case of Phantom Circuit. So what had happened?

It turned out that some thoughtful people had been recommending the show through various means again, and that one of them this time was a well-known writer, whose blogged and tweeted words were heeded and echoed by others. Of course, we don’t know what percentage of those listeners will be back for more but it’s encouraging that so many gave Phantom Circuit a chance. For those who have newly decided to follow the show – whether by RSS, Twitter or the email list – and to those who continue to recommend Phantom Circuit, thank you.

2 thoughts on “Ah, listeners…

  1. N

    hey man, just heard some soundbits, and this is awesome stuff!

    Rock on there!


  2. Phil

    I found the site via Warren Ellis. And yes, I’ll likely stop by again.

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