Oct 092010

Featuring an interview with Sam Underwood at the first public appearance of his MIDI Octopus musical controller, along with the full live set. The MIDI Octopus debuted at It’s a Geek’s World, which ran on 19th September as a strand of the British Science Festival. Organiser Kate Sugden tells us about It’s a Geek’s World and how it aimed to make people be more hands-on with electronic technology.

Use the player above to listen to the show or listen at Mixcloud.com.

Playlist for Phantom Circuit #49

Available from 9th October 2010

Artist Track Source
John Dankworth Tomorrow’s World Theme Songs from the British Academy – Vol. 1
Gadget Moggi Tra Scienza e Fantascienz
Interview with Sam Underwood – part 1
Mr. Underwood Minimus [Live in Birmingham 19th September 2010]
Interview with Sam Underwood – part 2
Interview with Kate Sugden
Killing Joke Tomorrow’s World Killing Joke
Michael Moorcock’s Deep Fix Octopus New World’s Fair
Lali Puna Move On Our Inventions
Human League The Black Hit of Space Travelogue
Mutate Giblet Homunculus
Nightmare Lodge God’s Mastication Tentacled