Phantom Circuit #47

By | September 23, 2010

Featuring a live performance of electronic music by Thee Moths, performed in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery on 11th September 2010 as part of ArtsFest.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #43

Available from 23rd September 2010

Artist Track Source
Najwa Karam Am Bemzah Ma’ak Am Bemzah Ma’ak
Bachelor Machines Take My Picture It is Nice to Finally Meet You
Thee Moths [Live in Birmingham 11th September 2010] [Live in Birmingham 11th September 2010]
Interview with Alex Botten of Thee Moths
Thee Moths Out of All These Things Sparrows and More Sparrows
Asmus Tietchens and Richard Chartier Fabrication 2.1 Fabrication 2 (Auf Abwegen)
Cousin Silas Depths Adrift off the Islets of Langerhans
M. Ostermeier Overtone Lakefront

A correction to information in the show: ‘Fabrication 2.1’ was released in 2007.