Phantom Circuit #41

By | July 1, 2010

Featuring some excellent new releases and a mix of music that is perhaps best described as a forced landing on a cloud bank.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #41

Available from 1st July 2010

Artist Track Source
Julia van der Piller Die, DJ! Perverted Games. Phase III
Spill Twins RoLambda One Million Corners
Spill Twins Moon Pond Clock One Million Corners
The Hyper Sonic Resonator Geek Tragedy Blind Man’s Buff
Meta Program 5261726520424F43 Meta Programming
Joe Frawley Left Cincinnati Left Cincinnati
Harold Budd Albion Farewell By the Dawn’s Early Light
Clutter On Your Parade Yellow Light Discarded
Automatic Tasty Mailing Big Bro World Wide Web
Joe Frawley Cumulus Left Cincinnati
Jeff Greinke Towering Cumulus Over Ruins / Moving Climates
Kevin Braheny & Tim Clark Cloud Riddles Rain
Zenial Pobrz Ash Late Night Broadcast

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