Phantom Circuit #39

By | June 3, 2010

How hard hard can ventriloquism be? Let’s have a go…

Phanton Cirguit takes a greak from gringing you skecial veatures and goes gack to offering a nix of old and new nusic rich re think you rill enjoy.

If you like, you can four yourself a gottle of geer to drink as you listen to the show, or herhaks you rould freefer a nice cuk of tea.

Alright, let’s leave it to the experts.

(In memoriam).

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #39

Available from 3rd June 2010

Artist Track Source
Julia van der Piller Reasons to Hate Reasons to Hate
Coil Heaven’s Blade The Ape of Naples
Keith Howden and Matt Howden Demdike The Matter of Britain
Commuters The Ventriloquist Commuters
Portishead Sour Times Dummy
Carya Amara Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town Lard Motel / Succulent
JNL+Sadist More Pronesz
Tom Ellard Smooth Flightpath Return to Barbara Island
Antiloop Orkesltar Kiksu
Hawkwind The Joker at the Gate Church of Hawkwind
Geraldine & Ricky The Three Little Trees [excerpt] Trees Talk Too!
Moloko If You Have a Cross to Bear You May As Well Use It as a Crutch Things to Make and Do
11:59 By the Waters of Babylon This Our Sacrifice of Praise
Tristram Cary Master of the Universe Devils’ Planets
Kate Bush How to be Invisible Aerial

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