Apr 152010

A Ghost Box special featuring an interview with Jim Jupp (Belbury Poly) and Julian House (The Focus Group). The interview was recorded at the Flatpack Festival in Birmingham (England) on 28th March, during Ghost Box’s Belbury Youth Club event.

Use the player above to listen to the show or listen at Mixcloud.com.

Playlist for Phantom Circuit #33

First broadcast 15th April 2010

Artist Track Source
[unknown artist] HTV West station ident
The Advisory Circle Civil Defence is Common Sense Other Channels
Eric Wetherell Sky (opening titles) Sky (DVD)
Eric Wetherell Incidental music from ‘Sky’: Sky’s arrival Sky (DVD)
Jean Bell Ton Alarch (‘The Owl Service’ opening titles) The Owl Service (DVD)
Boards of Canada 1969 Geogaddi
The Focus Group The Swinging Phantom Hey Let Loose Your Love
The Focus Group The Thre Hey Let Loose Your Love
Interview, part 1
Belbury Poly Time Scale From an Ancient Star
Interview, part 2
The Focus Group Leaving Through We Are All Pan’s People
Interview, part 3
The Focus Group You Do Not See Me Hey Let Loose Your Love
Interview, part 4
Belbury Poly A Thin Place The Willows
Interview, part 5
Belbury Poly The Hidden Door From an Ancient Star
Interview, part 6
Belbury Poly Music, Movement and Meaning The Owl’s Map
Interview, part 7
Eric Zann Threshold Ouroborindra
Interview, part 8
Belbury Poly The Moonlawn The Owl’s Map
Peter Howell & the Radiophonic Workshop The Astronauts Through a Glass Darkly
Carya Amara Ghosting Tales of the Unattractive
Edwin Astley Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) (DVD)
[unknown artist] Anglia TV station ident

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