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We’re as shocked as anyone: Phantom Circuit is back for a third run. New editions of the show will be available from Thursday of each week to start with, but we won’t worry too much about a regular schedule: quality is the top priority and you can always listen to previous shows thanks to the streaming from Mixcloud.

In this first show of series 3 we bring you the usual unusual mix of music, this time offering a range from industrial to pop, dark ambient to computer music, and bongos to the lot of you.

Use the player above to listen to the show or listen at Mixcloud.com.

Playlist for Phantom Circuit #31

Available from 1st April 2010

Artist Track Source
Throbbing Gristle United United
Annie Don’t Stop Don’t Stop
Nostalgia Rhythm Orchestra Meanwhile Back in the Jungle At the Rave
Music For Pleasure Nostalgia Into the Rain
Yello Bostich Solid Pleasure
He Said Omala Solid or Vanish Catch Supposes
Minny Pops She Said Go Go Go Secret Stories
Hamdi Ahmed Ghallo Tara (They Said You’ll See) Sif Safaa
Nightmare Lodge Endless Pleasure (On) Negative Planet
Opal Siamese Trap Happy Nightmare Baby
Lydia Lunch Atomic Bongos Queen of Siam
Chilli Willi & the Red Hot Peppers Breathe a Little Bongos Over Balham
Charles Dodge A Man Sitting in the Cafeteria Any Resemblance is Purely Coincidental
Moon Wiring Club Your New Monarch Striped Paint for the Last Post
Moon Wiring Club Shape Ritual Striped Paint for the Last Post

This post was edited on 30th July 2010 to embed the MixCloud player.

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