Radio 4 to channel Radio Spiritworld

By | August 5, 2009

Peter Serafinowicz has announced Radio Spiritworld, a new comedy series which he is writing with Robert Popper and which is to be broadcast by BBC Radio 4. A pilot edition in podcast format has already been produced and you can enjoy that on the RSW Web site. It’s very nicely done.

Although they are different kinds of shows, Phantom Circuit and Radio Spiritworld share certain trappings and interests (is it just down to the polter-zeitgeist?) such as short-wave radio, ghostly voices and haunted technology. Considering the far wider exposure that RSW will receive, we might need to give some thought about the future style of Phantom Circuit. We don’t want to come across as (at best) a poor relation!

Nevertheless, since going on air in October of last year, Phantom Circuit has always been primarily about exotic and neglected music, so we don’t want to get too worried about the window-dressing. To be realistic, many of the themes to which the style of the show alludes will be lost on listeners anyway? Still, it would seem a shame to stop mining an interesting set of subjects which so far we have barely scratched. These fields are perhaps big enough for a multitude of approaches: for other examples, you might try Strange Frequencies Radio and Anomaly Radio, although they are more serious in their endeavours!

As for Phantom Circuit, well, as always, we shall have to see…