Phantom Circuit #22

By | June 14, 2009

Ghostly musicians on TV, dolphin-friendly tuners, summer (may not be available in the southern hemisphere or in the UK), a descent into the darkness and a waltz in orbit…

You know the sort of thing: it’s just your normal, paranormal, abnormal phantom circuitry…

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #22

Available from 14th June 2009

Artist Track Source
Laurie Anderson

Example #22

Big Science

Shame Spiral

Heavy Concentration
The Danse Society


There is No Shame in Death
Minny Pops

Dolphin’s Spurt

Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement
Yellow Magic Orchestra


Roger S. Payne [sound recordist]

Humpbacks: Herd Noises

Deep Voices: The Second Whale Record
P. Affolter-Zinner [sound recordist]

Paranormale Musik

Okkulte Stimmen – Mediale Musik
The Normal


Warm Leatherette
Ray Cathode

Waltz in Orbit

Time Beat
Tom Siddevelt & Kid Baltan

Sonik Re-Entry

Electronic Toys 2
Forgotten Ruins

Dark Descent

Forgotten Ruins
Terry Riley

In the Summer

Les Yeux Fermés & Lifespan
Adrian Wagner


Distances Between Us
Boards of Canada

Sunshine Recorder


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