Sham Shortwave Shockwave

By | May 28, 2009

shortwave-radio.jpgTrans Oceanic by Tom Ellard is a nostalgic synthesised evocation of imperfectly remembered shortwave radio transmissions. You will need Flash to play the SWF audio.


While I was growing up, my father used to enjoy taking his shortwave receiver out on to the front verandah. He’d raise the aerial like a fishing rod and go out into the shortwave spectrum fishing for the odd stations that he could pick up from around the night air.

There was a time when shortwave radio was a prime source of listening material for those of us who liked electronic sounds. That era inspired the work of Kraftwerk (notably their album Radio-Activity) and of other electronic musicians. The shortwave radio bands are emptier these days but there is still much to hear, some of it still of a mysterious nature.