Phantom Circuit #18

By | April 19, 2009

Phantom Circuit visits Earth Monkey Productions, a prolific and highly regarded net-label based in Cumbria.

“Capt. Earth Monkey” himself, Shaun Blezard, talks about his solo project Clutter and other work, and, with additional contribution from Janice Benson, about some of EMP’s educational and community projects.

The music is mostly taken from a handful of the experimental, ambient or just plain unusual releases on Earth Monkey, along with a few illustrative interlopers to spice the pot.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #18

Available from 19th April 2009

Artist Track Source
Shaun Blezard



A Particular Wind

50:50 An Earth Monkey Productions Compilation
Peter James

Mind Fog

The Resting Bench Remix Project
Clutter vs Susan Matthews

Slow Corrosion

Slow Corrosion
Becoming Animal


The Resting Bench Remix Project
Shaun Blezard

Lowick School of Pop

The Orb

Phantom of Ukraine

The Dream

Abide With Dub

Anodyne Hi-Fi
Good Noise Bad Noise

Dial Lone Owl

Joist Hounds
Evan Parker

No MPs! (part 1)

Short Stories
Orfeo 5

Beyond the Surf

A Year on the Ice
Chris Lynn


On the Way to the Cinema
Evan Morris

Ghost Fight

The Doors of Turmoil

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