Mar 092009

Yes, we have obtained new crystals and valves and Phantom Circuit is back – like it or not!

Show #15 offers crystal-clear crackling, soothing sounds for grannies, ritual landscapes and rhythms to hack by. All this and Madonna goes Pocket Theremin.

Use the player above to listen to the show or listen at

Playlist for Phantom Circuit #15

Available from 9th March 2009

Artist Track Source

We Are Back

Moon Wiring Club

The Crystal Set Begins to Function

Shoes Off and Chairs Away

Crystal Streams

While Climbing Thieves Vie for Attention
Enno Velthuys

Crystal River

Different Places

Meen Khemchim (My Khemchik River)

Voices from the Distant Steppe
Richard Wahnfried

Grandma’s Clockwork

Time Actor
Edgar Froese

Ode to Granny A

The Remote Viewers


Obliques Before Pale Skin
Eberhard Schoener and the Secret Society

Falling in Trance

The Vets

World in Action

Your Secret’s Safe With Us
Clock DVA

The Hacker (Video Mix)

Buried Dreams
Bourbonese Qualk

10 Minutes of Rough Mixes 04

6×10=60 Vol. 2
The Badgeman

Auto da Fe

Ritual Landscape

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