Phantom Circuit #14

By | January 6, 2009

Phantom Circuit is back after a week off and once again presents an astounding collection of music. But we’ll stick with a fortnightly schedule to give our busy listeners a chance to keep up!

Show #14 features the new CD by Moon Wiring Club and the new and final chapter in the Music Server series by Severed Heads, and as much as ever keeps an eye on the future with an ear to the past.

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Phantom Circuit #14, available from 6th January 2009

Artist Track Source
Eric Idle


Rutland Weekend Songbook
Moon Wiring Club

Always a Welcome

Shoes Off and Chairs Away
Severed Heads

The Elaborator

Music Server 5
Severed Heads


Music Server 5
Yma Sumac

Xtabay (Lure of the Unknown Love)

The Ultimate Yma Sumac Collection
Li De La Russe & Nikki St. George

Lure of the Space Goddess

The Tomorrow People
Nikki St. George

Attack of the Alien Minds

The Tomorrow People
Raymond Scott

Bendix – The Tomorrow People

Manhattan Research, Inc.
Danielle Dax

Tomorrow Never Knows

Blast the Human Flower
Caroline K


Now Wait for Last Year

The Braes o’ Strathblane

St. Kilda Wedding

Shopping in a Shipyard Town

Live at the Cavendish
Colin Towns

Full Circle (Main Theme)

Chillout Moods
Moon Wiring Club

Form the Circle

Shoes Off and Chairs Away

Sphere of No-Form

Oliver Postgate

Get Art of It!

Ivor The Engine & Pogles Wood

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