Phantom Circuit #13: the Christmas edition

By | December 23, 2008

Show #13 is now available for you to listen to at your convenience.

Who is scarier: Satan or Santa? And who has the best laugh? Judge for yourselves. Meanwhile the people of Birmingham are accused of ignoring Jesus, but the Bulgarians sing carols and chickens sing and hey, if all the snow gets up your nose maybe you’ll think you’re walking in the air but there’s none of that funny business here. Things go better without coke.

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Phantom Circuit #13, available from 23rd December 2008

Artist Track Source

Things Fall Apart

A Christmas Record
Chester the Chicken

Egg-White Christmas

A Happy Puppy Christmas
The Residents

Dumbo the Clown (Who Loved Christmas)

Subterranean Modern
Pierre Arvay


Empty Horizons
John H & 3770


We Are Wazzotic
Severed Heads



Everybody in Birmingham Ignores Jesus

[Uncredited artist]

Koledarska Pesen – Na Stopanin (Christmas Carol)

Bulgares – Traditions Vocales
R.N.A. Organism


R.N.A.O Meets P.O.P.O.
Ryuichi Sakamoto

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

Piano One
Igor Wakhevitch

Monks in the Snow

Let’s Start
Psychic TV

White Nights

Dreams Less Sweet
Satan and Deciples [sic]

Satan’s First Theme

Bruce Haack

Cherubic Hymn

The Electric Lucifer
Harry E. Humphrey

Santa Claus Hides in Your Phonograph

Santa Claus Hides in Your Phonograph

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