Sep 212010

We’re not going to start a regular video review section – we do radio, remember? – but a couple of contrasting promo videos came our way and we would like to share them with you, just for a change.

Jo Quail – The Falconer

Jo Quail, who was featured in Phantom Circuit #35, has pointed us towards her latest promotional video, which you can watch on YouTube or Vimeo. Moving away from the imagery of her recently disbanded project SonVer, she has stepped out of the shadows into a sunlit stately garden for the video for her new track ‘The Falconer’. Director Tom Robinson paces the video so it is in sympathy with the dynamics of the languid music (with just a couple of subtle time-effect flourishes) and makes Jo’s unique electric cello and beloved loop effects pedals look as though they are in their natural habitat. Jo herself is as always the model of elegance – and, let’s face it, these days if you’re classically trained and don’t capitalise on your glamour you’re shooting yourself in the foot – but, as a nice personal touch, a hint of a smile can be spotted here and there. After all, if you’re not enjoying yourself, what’s the falcon point?

John Callaghan and Hypnotique – You Lack Discipline

These two should not be allowed to play together. They are a public menace. Watch this and then watch out.

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May 052010

A report on Theremin Day in Birmingham, featuring an interview with headlining thereminist Miss Hypnotique.

We also hear from participants in the day’s DIY workshop, experience experiments with optically triggered noisemakers and consider the past, present and possible future of the theremin – one of the very earliest electronic musical instruments.

Use the player above to listen to the show or listen at

Playlist for Phantom Circuit #36

Available from 6th May 2010

Artist Track Source
Clara Rockmore The Swan The Art of the Theremin
Optical theremin report
Mr Underwood Pendulum Music [excerpt] live at Theremin Day
Discussion about the optical theremin performance
Miss Hypnotique interview part 1
Miss Hypnotique Improvised soundtrack to The Day the Earth Stood Still live at Theremin Day
Miss Hypnotique interview part 2
Miss Hypnotique Improvised soundtrack to Spellbound live at Theremin Day
Miss Hypnotique interview part 3
Miss Hypnotique Density 21.5 live at Theremin Day
Miss Hypnotique interview part 4
Miss Hypnotique Clara de Lune live at Theremin Day
Miss Hypnotique interview part 5
Mr Underwood and Miss Hypnotique Café Vixen live at Theremin Day
Audience reactions and reflections
Misha Mahlin and Lydia Kavina For Her Atoms Music for Films III

This post was edited on 29th July 2010 to embed the MixCloud player.