Oct 022015

Seventh anniversary show, featuring a session recorded by Matt Howden’s Sieben.

Use the player above to listen. If it’s missing or you can’t hear anything, see the help section.

Playlist for Phantom Circuit #165

Available from 2nd October 2015

Artist Track Source
Tuxedomoon 7 Years Half-Mute / Scream With A View
Dome Ritual View Dome 2
Joe Frawley Mistress of Ceremonies Ritual Research
Henk Badings Kaïn En Abel – 2.3 – Conflict, Reprise (Arioso) Popular Electronics: Early Dutch Electronic Music from Philips Research Laboratories 1956 – 1963
Lunar Testing Lab Greys Nightmusik
Parties Earl Grey Tea Time
Dennis Hayward I’ve Got Sixpence / A Nice Cup of Tea Sequence Time
Illusion Of Safety Seven Years Later The False Mirror (7″)
Severed Heads Confidence! Come Visit the Big Bigot
Sieben Black Moon Rise Again Session for Phantom Circuit
Matt Howden introduces ‘The Old Magic’
Sieben The Old Magic Session for Phantom Circuit
John Keating Life on Mars Space Experience 2
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Jan 132012

Robot world violinist smallDirector Martin Hans Schmitt tells us that his non-verbal documentary film Robot World – a Meeting With Your Alternate Double is now available for online streaming. You can watch a trailer for the film on the same page.

The soundtrack is by Matt Howden (alias Sieben), who talked to us about his work, prior to recording this soundtrack, back in Phantom Circuit #34. Show #70 included some of the soundtrack, which you can buy on CD or as a download direct from Matt’s site.

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Apr 222010

This edition features an interview with Matt Howden – also known as Sieben – immediately after his gig in Birmingham on 8th April.

Matt tells us about making music for robots, writing songs for Polish towns, rude names for flowers, Celtic writing systems and his new projects.

For more information about Sieben and Matt Howden, visit matthowden.com.

Use the player above to listen to the show or listen at Mixcloud.com.

Playlist for Phantom Circuit #34

Available from 22nd April 2010

Artist Track Source
Matt Howden Europa for Lowell Voyager
Sieben Down into the Earth High Broad Field
Sieben Rite of Amends Desire Rites
Sieben As They Should Sound As They Should Sound
Matt Howden The Matter of Britain I The Matter of Britain
Matt Howden Intimate; Cherished Intimate & Obstinate
Sieben Ogham the Blood Ogham Inside the Night
Sieben The Blade As They Should Sound
Sieben Virgin in the Green As They Should Sound
Matt Howden Anubis – Director of Weights Hellfires
Sieben Back to the Fire The Line and the Hook

This post was edited on 30th July 2010 to embed the MixCloud player.

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