Feb 232012

Another wilfully obscure collection of music.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #93

Available from 23rd February 2012

Artist Track Source
Irmin Schmidt Ensemble: Joy Gormenghast
Osakan Joybubbles Antartica
Vate Ankhos Vitam
Sekotis Rivers & Mountains Picture Puzzle Pattern Door
Third Person Lurkin River Lullaby The Cloud Mirror
Rivers of Ashes The Whistler Aesthesea Compilation – 10 on 10
Danieto Mañana Impulsiva Micro→Ondas
F600 Pasado Mañana At Home Like a Tourist
Timofey Morning Glory Goodfellas
Onussen Acid Morning Dead in Italy
Onussen as U liak it! Dead in Italy
Ghost When You’re Dead When You’re Dead – One Second
Vera Hall Death Have Mercy Negro Church Music
Conhecido Wait, It’s Over? Hometown
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