Jan 252017

Phantom Circuit comes to you free of charge through this site, via Mixcloud and over the DAB and Internet broadcasts of Resonance Extra.

If you value the output of Resonance Extra and its elder sister station Resonance FM, or just want to know about some auctions and events they are arranging, take a look at the pages for their fundraising week, which starts on 11th February.

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Jan 172017

Manic Pitch Tour

Phantom Circuit #185

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #185

First broadcast 17th January 2017 on Resonance Extra

Artist Track Source
Kathryn Tickell Grey Bull / Wark Football Team Northumbrian Voices
Mandrill Synthia Song Beast from the East
Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft Osten Währt am Längsten Die Kleinen und die Bösen
4T Thieves Theme from a Modern Western Electro Cool
Mike Vickers Asphalt Jungle Electronic Music
Boards of Canada In a Beautiful Place out in the Country In a Beautiful Place out in the Country
D. Bradnam & W. Burrows Fluted Air Open Land
Birdy Castles in the Air On the Move
Mr Slater’s Parrot 2.57pm On the Beach
Carya Amara Wind versus Windscale: Part 2 – On the Beach Vestigial Digital
Aptoms Smell the Sea R2
Poon Sow Keng One More Season Goes By Fishing for a Lover
André Szigethy Fußballer André Szigethy
Billy Batty [sound recordist] No-One Likes Us [Wikipedia]
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Dec 142016

Last Christmas

And so this is… the last edition of Phantom Circuit for 2016, with a seasonal theme and an eclectic assortment of music for you.

Phantom Circuit #548

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #184

First broadcast by Resonance Extra on 13th December 2016

Artist Track Source
Allie Moss The First Noel Christmas Tidings
Wout Steenhuis and the Kontikis God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Hawaiian Christmas
Antena Noelle à Hawaï Camino del Sol
Jayram Acharya Jingle Bells Christmas Music
BooDooRoo Built My Own Santa Claus BooDooRoo X-Mas
Sy Mann Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Switched on Santa
Dissolved Choice of Vertebrae Incendiary Eye Season
Fini Tribe De Testimony (Micro Mix) De Testimony
Sephiroth Wolftribes Cathedron
Werdwolfen Bad Funky Advent Christmas with Uncle Brian
Lallo Gori Seq. 4 The Legend of the Wolf Woman
Robert Fripp Silent Night Silent Night (7″)
MX-80 Sound White Night Frank Johnson’s Favorites
The Truth about Frank Sale of the Trinity For Scant Applause
Severed Heads Hello Donald Merry Christmas Adenoids
Durutti Column Christmas for Pauline Scottish Christmas / Christmas For Pauline (7″)
Liongrl Last Christmas /notes
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Dec 052016

Shadow Systems

Phantom Circuit #548

Playlist for Phantom Circuit #183

Available from 5th December 2016

Artist Track Source
Sobria Ebrietas Vivid and Brief Part 3 Vivid and Brief
Marasma Zibra Dionisius Weltanschauung
Kraftwerk Computer World Computer World
Computerhacken Senzo Senzo
TeHÔM The Realm of Dark Senses Where Words Fail, Music Speaks
Apoptose Schattenmädchen.7i7A Where Words Fail, Music Speaks
Dumdum Score West Audio Sheep
Far East Family Band Undiscovered Northern Land The Cave Down to the Earth
Kieran Mahon Hidden in Plain Sight My Psych
The Hardy Tree Through Passages of Time Looking Down on London
Frøkedal Cherry Trees Hold On Dreamer
Astoria Sound Phantom Astoria Sound
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Nov 292016

News has just arrived that Resonance Extra T-shirts are now available.
T shirt

“This brand new Resonance Extra T-shirt celebrates Resonance Extra’s first year on-air, bearing Adrian Shaughnessy’s original logo design in white lettering over a choice of a rich bottle green, graphite and grey finish, silk-screened on premium quality cotton”.

We are also told that T-shirts for Resonance Extra’s sister station Resonance FM are on sale with 20% off the usual price until 15th December.

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