Feb 252018

The forthcoming edition of Phantom Circuit will feature a session recorded for the show by Simon Heartfield. This continuous piece of music is called D is for Derrida and was inspired by the 1983 film Ghost Dance, written and directed by Ken McMullen.

Hear Phantom Circuit #212 first on Resonance Extra at 19:00 UTC on Tuesday 27th February. The show will be available for on-demand listening on this site soon afterwards.

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Dec 082017

The next edition of Phantom Circuit, on 19th December, will be the last one of 2017. It was tempting to pause for breath but the backlog of music and continued interest in the show from discerning listeners means that Phantom Circuit will continue cheerily on into 2018 without a break.

Radio station Resonance Extra will continue to broadcast Phantom Circuit but with a revised schedule. The show will now be broadcast at 7 pm on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. That is a more solid schedule that will help the station and its listeners keep track of when Phantom Circuit is on air. Of course, on-demand streaming will continue on this site and on Mixcloud.

So, watch out out for show #208 on 19th December and #209 on 9th January!

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Jul 102017

A new edition of Phantom Circuit will be available tomorrow and this time you will be able to hear it first via this site (or on mixcloud.com).

Due to a scheduling clash at Resonance Extra, they are pushing the show back a week and will catch up with this edition by broadcasting it on 18th July. New editions will follow every two weeks from that date.

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Sep 132016

Coming up in the next edition of Phantom Circuit is a chat with Matt Howden of Sieben about his recent live and recorded work, along with tracks from his newest albums, and of course there will also be a diverse mix of music as always…

Listen to Phantom Circuit #180 tomorrow, Wednesday 14th September, in its usual monthly slot on Resonance Extra from 10 pm till midnight UK time (21:00 – 23:00 UTC).

On-demand streaming via Mixcloud will follow on this site within a few days of broadcast.

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