May 172015

The Golden Hour of the Phantom

Use the player above to listen. If it’s missing or you can’t hear anything, see the help section.

Playlist for Phantom Circuit #155

Available from 17th May 2015

Artist Track Source
Tom Ellard Rhine Rhine
Rheingold Fluss (’82 Version) R. (reissue)
Human League Year of the Jet Packs The Golden Hour of the Future
Zombie Zombie L’Âge d’Or Rituels d’un Nouveau Monde
Genetic Plans Electra Rituals
Maska Genetik Ocean Kosmoloko
Quimper Daddy Fell into the Pond Oompa Loopma Riot 2015
Years On Earth Let The Power Fall Worlds Apart
Robert Fripp 1988 Let the Power Fall
Illusion Of Safety Anger and Hatred are very Powerful Emotions Ecstatic Crisis
David Van Tieghem All Safe Safety in Numbers
Deprivation Chamber The Beauty in Numbers (Outnumbered Mix) Urban Decay
Neuronium 8th Movement: Au Revoir Numerica
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May 022015

A trip in the dark.

Use the player above to listen. If it’s missing or you can’t hear anything, see the help section.

Playlist for Phantom Circuit #154

Available from 2nd May 2015

Artist Track Source
Plasticon No. 61 (Rothko) No. 61 (Rothko)
Communicon This Never Happened 1 This Never Happened
2ndMOUSE Omega Communiqué
Greg Truckell Mousey Mousey Journey to the End of Night
Mig Inc 01 Un voyage dans le noir
Medicine Man Lost Nightmare
Anne Cessna and Essendon Airport Lost In Madagascar Talking To Cleopatra (7”)
Air Protection Office Moabit Moabit
Ted Atking Official Attente Kaleidoscope
Quest Outside Looking In (demo)

The airplane image is a detail from ‘Airplanes in the night sky’ by Marcus Quigmire, used under the terms of the licence.

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Apr 192015

Back a lot sooner than expected, it’s Phantom Circuit. Yes, it has returned already, apparently recharged after just a few months switched off. Series 4 starts here…

Use the player above to listen. If it’s missing or you can’t hear anything, see the help section.

Playlist for Phantom Circuit #153

Available from 19th April 2015

Artist Track Source
Richard Yeoman-Clarke / BBC Radiophonic Workshop Orac Switch On Sci-Fi Sound Effects – Science Fiction Sound Effects No.26
Annie Hall Defective Model Alek Stark Presents Elektro Domésticos 2
Bob Lopez How Many Feel It Now Home-Made Music For Home-Made People Vol. 5
Space Food Chicks The Wonderful Feeling Oompa Loopma Riot 2015
Silent Strangers Ever Evolving Spaces Anagram1:Dither
Deutsch Nepal Tintomara/Thiudinassus A Silent Siege
German Shepherds Love Me Music for Sick Queers
Bleak Fiction Forelsket Prolonged Memory
Gurdonark Forgotten Fields Tallgrass Canticle
Utan Inn Into the Grass Летная Погода
ne:o Inn Direkt
How Hot Is Your Cloud Lethbridge, Alberta – December 13th 2014 Winter i

Thanks to Bleak Fiction for pointing out that the track played from Prolonged Memory was ‘Forelsket’, and not the title track as announced by mistake in the show.

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Dec 302014

Phantom Circuit can still be heard via your internet receiver.

Don’t forget that many, many hours of previous programming from Phantom Circuit can still be heard online, so, while the show is taking a rest, now is your chance to catch up!

List of all shows // Highlights

The show has featured Stephen Mallinder, Silver Apples, Charlemagne Palestine, Wizards Tell Lies, Matt Howden, Midwich Youth Club, D.N.P, Faust, Gurdonark, Chris Carter, Tetsuo Kogawa, Quimper, Norah Lorway, Hildur Guðnadóttir, Maja Ratkje, AGF and many more.

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Dec 102014

[Update to this post: Phantom Circuit did indeed return, in April 2015. Listen now]

LastThe third run of Phantom Circuit started with show #31 back in April 2010 and has been running since without interruption, so it’s probably about time for a break. Show #152 will therefore be the last for now.

Thanks to Mixcloud for providing the platform, to everyone who sent in music (whether or not it was possible to include it), to our featured artists (most of whom were very kind to this small internet radio presence), to everyone who spread the word and last but certainly not least to everyone who took the time to listen.

Each show took a lot of time to put together but it always felt a privilege to be able to share a tiny proportion of the amazing music out there. It was gratifying too when some otherwise overlooked artists said they were encouraged by the inclusion of their music. Also, the third series helped inspire some listeners to make their own shows and mixes (thankfully most imaginative enough to devise personalised, original formats) so if your music didn’t make it into Phantom Circuit or as a listener you were confused by what was played, there were a few more alternatives available. PC itself could only aim to improve, little by little…

If enough time can be found, Phantom Circuit may well return at some point in 2015, although perhaps on a less frequent or sustained basis. If you would like to be among the first to hear any news, join the email list or keep a close watch on the social media options.

While you’re waiting for more, why not catch up on any past editions that you missed? Here are some highlights to draw you in…

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