Oct 102016

Night is My Day

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Resonance Extra is concentrating on festival coverage throughout October, so you get to hear this edition on (or if you prefer, on first.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #181

Available from 10th October 2016

Artist Track Source
Deleyaman Somehow Fourth, Part One
Bleak Fiction Blush Some Desire
Eric Peters Electronic Links 4 Archive – Science Fiction
Ronald Marquisee Electro Link No. 35 Electrobeds Vol. 2
The Residents Handful of Desire The Commercial Album
Bobuck Headstand Headstand
Phirnis Stillstand 2 Sleepers
Frøkedal The Man Who Isn’t Here Hold On Dreamer
Weerthof Awaken Scape Out of Control
Los Microwaves Time to Get Up Life after Breakfast
P.E. De Oskars Sta Niet te ver Vooraan Geen Strijdbijlen maar Trommels
J.D. Robb Canon No.1 Percussive Sound Rhythmania: Electronic Music From Razor Blades to Moog
Laibach Warme Lederhaut Electronic Sound Covers Collection Volume.02
ekwalm Nothin’ Drive Nothin’ Drive
Transient Breezyeyes Nothing is Everything When Everything is Nothing
Jonas Reinhardt Wastrel Eyelid Powers of Audition
Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd She is My Strength After The Night Falls
Michal Prokop & Framus Five Noc Je Můj Den Město ER
Lastboss Field + Matress = Backflip City Chronicle – Audio Memories
The Terribles With a Little Help from My Friends Genial! Universal Sound
From Nursery to Misery The Enemy is Listening Equilibrium
Happiness Band (فرقة الهابنس) A’ajeebah Happiness Band (فرقة الهابنس)
Pheelia Happy Birthday 2
Young and in the Way We Are Nothing When Life Comes to Death
Shinkiro [Obiols / Laming / Perez] The Formula for Eternal Life Ceremonial Ride
Anda Volley The Life Inside You Paper Moon
Drosselbart Engel des Todes Drosselbart
A Murder of Angels Wandering Soul While You Sleep
Stabilo Azurite Sleep Deeply
DeepDark The Arrival Dark Asylum
nisei23 The Departure Elevenandtwelve
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Sep 162016

Phantom Circuit #181 will be out in October as you would expect. However, the programme will probably not be in its usual slot on Resonance Extra since the station will be covering the Radio Revolten festival of radio art throughout the month. That should be well worth listening to and Phantom Circuit #181 may well pop up in a free slot in Resonance Extra’s broadcast output. Either way, you will as always be able to listen to the show via this site, using the on-demand stream from Mixcloud.

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Sep 142016

Featuring an interview with Sieben (2016)


Use the player above to listen to the show, or see the help section if it is missing.

Featuring a chat with Matt Howden alias Sieben about his latest live and recorded work.

Playlist for Phantom Circuit #180

First broadcast 14th September 2016 on Resonance Extra

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Artist Track Source
The Silver Darlings The Waltz of the Silver Darlings Souls
Sieben Knudlustysummer 2016 The Other Side of the River
Ulf Knudsen Svart Stil Insane Music for Insane People Vol. 7
Black Wedding Precursor Recursive
Broadcast The Sacred Marriage Berberian Sound Studio
Aeron Acorn Atmosphere Secret Station – Broadcast 3
The Tapeworm Vessel Endless Ivory Twelve Atmospheres
18:e Oktober Atmosfär Hybris
Brian Hodgson Time Zone Atmosphere Doctor Who at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop – Volume 1: the Early Years 1963-1969
Cousin Silas & Kevin Lyons A Visit to Whitewood The Time Dwellers
Sonologyst & Kshatriy Self Luminosity Time is the Enemy
Martin Wester & Bernhard Hering First Light Balance
Avoidant At First, the Separation from Your Body Was Harmful AVDN
Mitoma First Born (Randomform Remix #2) Interstellar:Remixes
Eric Random Radio Silence Words Made Flesh
The Sammy Burdson Group Frozen Silence Space Fiction
Julie Murphy The Fountain A Quiet House
Claude Larson Springs and Fountains Scenic Sequences
Graham Bond Water Water (Single Version) Holy Magick [bonus track]
Sieben Ready for Rebellion The Old Magic
Interview with Matt Howden of Sieben – part 1
Sieben A Firebug Nature Each Divine Spark
Interview with Matt Howden of Sieben – part 2
Sieben Cult Of The Fallen 2016 The Other Side of the River
Interview with Matt Howden of Sieben – part 3
7JK Krau Anthems Flesh
Skare Krau Radio The Yeti Rods of Love
Harald Grosskopf Elephant Island Yeti Society
Dissonant Elephant Be’elzebub B’il Sabab
The Elephant Frame Final Calling The Grass Isle EP
Carol Anne McGowan When the Night Comes Falling When the Night Comes Falling
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Sep 132016

Coming up in the next edition of Phantom Circuit is a chat with Matt Howden of Sieben about his recent live and recorded work, along with tracks from his newest albums, and of course there will also be a diverse mix of music as always…

Listen to Phantom Circuit #180 tomorrow, Wednesday 14th September, in its usual monthly slot on Resonance Extra from 10 pm till midnight UK time (21:00 – 23:00 UTC).

On-demand streaming via Mixcloud will follow on this site within a few days of broadcast.

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Aug 102016

New Adventures

PC179 square w 548

Use the player above to listen to the show, or see the help section if it is missing.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #179

First broadcast 10th August 2016 on Resonance Extra

Artist Track Source
Quimper Let’s Begin Drizzle Maw
Telex En Route Vers de Nouvelles Aventures Neurovision
Entheogen Neuromodulator I Heard Something In The Distance Volume 7
Medroxy Progesterone Acetate Something Shimmers and is Gone I Am an Empty House Longing to Be Haunted
Suicide Ghost Rider Suicide
Plasticon Riding Made of Light
In Darkness There is Light Scan Line Transmit Relay [extract] Scan Line Transmit Relay
K.Markov Transmission Excerpt One
Joy Division Transmission Substance
Gjallarhorn [Finland] Kom Helge Ande (Come Holy Spirit) Sjofn
Palais Schaumburg Easy Go Parlez-Vous Schaumburg?
Nelson Riddle Tricky Buoy Batman
Paul Edmund-Davies & Nigel Edmund Jones The Buoy Chappell AV Series: Sea/Water
Armando Sciascia Underwater Fantasy Sea Fantasy
Abrahaz I Necrophantasmagoria
Context [Stefan Schwab] Untitled [8] Necrophonie
Somnaphon Aloha Sarasota
Vromb Audio-Téléphonisme Le Tourne-Disque
Acidburp About Turn About Turn EP
Asha Bhosle and others Dilbar Jaani Hits of 1972
Tony Williams Hittin’ on 6 The Joy of Flying
Logos [Francis / Oliver / Otto] Crepuscular (Prelude) Everything Under the Sky
Discepoli-Barbiero Multiple Horizons An Eclipse of Images
Bleak Fiction Horizon Inner Poem
Sirotek Some Important New Facts About the Unconscious Listening to the Mirror
Oldark The Weight of Feelings Behind My Eyes I See Myself Seeing
M is We Tired Feels Like Five Days
Lure of the Unknown Ghost Story – Knock knock, nobody’s there. Day of Endings
A Ninja Slob Drew Me There We Walked Retreat
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