May 312017

With music by Julia van der Piller, Tones on Tail, ShadowmastΞr, Gross Prophet, Dissolved and more.

Phantom Circuit #194

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #194

First broadcast on Resonance Extra on 30th May 2017

Artist Track Source
ShadowmastΞr Fog Rolling into the Harbour Anneptitudes III
Iamtheshadow Everything in this Nothingness La Danse Macabre 2
Tones on Tail Slender Fungus Everything!
Gross Prophet Protero Protero
Mark Shreeve Myriad of Colours Oracle
Negra Branca O Espatelar do Linho Antologia de Música Atípica Portuguesa
Julia van der Piller World was Painted in Gray Tones Darkside Compilation Vol. 8
The Radiophonic Workshop Not Come to Light Burials in Several Earths
Blacklight UVB-76 (Part I) Echo Prism
Dissolved Blacklight Manta Flooder Foil Splinters
Shatterfreak Apollo Wakes A Stitch in Sine
Mirrorring Mirror of Our Sleeping Foreign Body
4T Thieves Reflections (Part 1) The Black Sea
The Cure A Reflection (Live in France 06/80) 17 Seconds (Deluxe Edition)
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