Dec 152015

Christmas / Time

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #170

Available from 15th December 2015

Artist Track Source
Nessie Lessons The Time Is Now The Time Is Now
The Residents Big Hand (12th Day Of Brumalia) The 12 Days Of Brumalia
Werdwolfen 12th Day [Soundcloud]
Juliana 99 Baubles Terse Greetings 2015
Midwich Youth Club The Man Who Celebrated Xmas Every Day Terse Greetings 2015
BooDooRoo [Canada/Belgium] Meltdown X BooDooRoo X-Mas
Norah Lorway Frost Terse Greetings 2015
Moral Frosty Nights And Life Is…
White Birds Possessed by the Stars Chantons Noël: Ghosts of Christmas Past
Ormondroyd Wenceslas / DDD Hit And Hope
Severed Heads AAA Mr Hot Water Music Server 4: Controlled Time
Coda time train_variation EPV_065
Jim Ghedi Bienvenue à Bruxelles, le métro ligne 3 & 4 Home Is Where I Exist, Now To Live And Die
Amon Düül [UK] Burundi Drummer’s Nightmare Meetings With Menmachines, Unremarkable Heroes Of The Past
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