Jun 282015

Radio astronomy.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #158

Available from 28th June 2015

Artist Track Source
The Laurie Johnson Orchestra The New Avengers Theme The New Avengers
Nyolfen Create Create A New World
How To Destroy Angels A Drowning How To Destroy Angels
2-atā Klaaras Udenji Ienāc Ausīs
Twyxu Dawn Part I At Dawn And Dusk You Come
Anenzephalia Abiding Broadcast Contamination Ephemeral Dawn
Kirill Platonkin Antimatter Ephemeron
Negativland Time Zones Escape from Noise
The Sound I Can’t Escape Myself Jeopardy
CellarDoor Vunison_b ElectroSound Classics
Hi-D Attic Beats and Pomegranates
Templezone Subterranean Station Slow Beats
Ringhausen Underground Intro Stream More
Kieran Mahon Black Knight Satellite Radio Astronomy
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