May 172015

The Golden Hour of the Phantom

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #155

Available from 17th May 2015

Artist Track Source
Tom Ellard Rhine Rhine
Rheingold Fluss (’82 Version) R. (reissue)
Human League Year of the Jet Packs The Golden Hour of the Future
Zombie Zombie L’Âge d’Or Rituels d’un Nouveau Monde
Genetic Plans Electra Rituals
Maska Genetik Ocean Kosmoloko
Quimper Daddy Fell into the Pond Oompa Loopma Riot 2015
Years On Earth Let The Power Fall Worlds Apart
Robert Fripp 1988 Let the Power Fall
Illusion Of Safety Anger and Hatred are very Powerful Emotions Ecstatic Crisis
David Van Tieghem All Safe Safety in Numbers
Deprivation Chamber The Beauty in Numbers (Outnumbered Mix) Urban Decay
Neuronium 8th Movement: Au Revoir Numerica
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