Aug 032014

Fury from the deep (no songs today).

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #93

Available from 3rd August 2014

Artist Track Source
U.V. Pøp Hafunkiddies No Songs Tomorrow
Poppy Ackroyd Ground Attich Ebulum
Artefactum The Sorceress Attich Ebulum
Wizards Tell Lies Pathway To Scraw The Ninth Door
Third Door From The Left Under Attack Face The Firing Squad
Asmus Tietchens Erster Nachtschatten Eisgang / Dämmerattacke
Solanaceae Tau Veitstanz Amplitude Ecstasy by Current
Total E.T. (with Robert Scott Thompson) Amalgamplitude V.02 Subtunez vol.2
The German Shepherds Communist Control Experience the Freedom of Total Control
Zoÿ Archa Dog Tremendous Fury
Brian Hodgson / BBC Radiophonic Workshop (comp. Dudley Simpson) Mr Oak and Mr Quill (Incidental Music) Doctor Who at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop – Volume 1: the Early Years 1963-1969
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