May 092014

Into the labyrinth (a maze in music).

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #140

Available from 9th May 2014

Artist Track Source
Mumukshu Transformative Adventures Time Passes At Various Speeds
Ted Atking & Alan Feanch Neptun Adventures World Explorers
Richard Moult II Suite For Hippolyte
Asmus Tietchens Mythos und Gummibärchen Spät-Europa
Jason Mythos Mind Psygressive Reflections
Dick Hyman The Minotaur Moog – The Electric Eclectics Of Dick Hyman
Crows Labyrinth Heliograph Travels
2ndMOUSE Walking in my Shoes Communiqué
Louis Minus Seize My Shoes are More Fashionable than Your Face Birds and Bats
Vlad Vladsky Face In Sauce (Original Mix) 5 years of Intox Noize
Mental Health Consumer Brave Face Same Places, Different Times
Kirill Platonkin Different Geometries Thunderstorm on a Ceiling
Osakan Getting Into Spaces Antarctica
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