Oct 202013

Easy listening on the Devil’s mountain.

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Photograph credit: detail of ‘Former NSA station on Teufelsberg‘ by Jochen Jansen © 2009.

Playlist for Phantom Circuit #129

Available from 20th October 2013

Artist Track Source
Christopher Alvarado and Ari Porki New Beginning Menagerie of Clouds
Huutch Silver Clouds Getting Lost
Neurobit Teufelsberg Radarstation 2
Radiomaniac Radiomaniac Antenna Theory
Pete Murgatroyd Aerobicide Stair Droid
Peter [Peter Mlakar] Evil Star Paracelsus
C.A.I. 777 Azag Toth I Dreamed Of Dying
Mystified & The Ghost Between The Strings Through The Pale Skin Of Dreams Ghostbone 2
Midnight Circuitry Society Building D Buildings, Quartz & Radium
Leftism Silent Hall Varuuj: Trip Into Slovak Psyculture Vol. 1
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