Jul 282013

Mania Mécanique.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #124

Available from 28th July 2013

Artist Track Source
AVVI Reincarnation Subtle Mental Mechanics
Bardoseneticcube Untitled (7) Direct Drive
Guillotine Hairshaver Illusion Drive Miloque Kloque
W. Merrick Farran and Edgar Vetter Mania Mécanique Electronia / Hair Raisers
Millimetric Manic Depression Expériences Modernes
The Industrialism Wrenching Depression Surrealistic Cityscapes
Swin Deorin Swindustrial Tunnel to the Underground Vol.1
Chrome Meet You in the Subway Subterranean Modern
The Dictaphone Modern S Let’s Not
La Maison Moderne Spiel Süßer Day After Day
Klaus Weiss Don’t Play That Game 1 Puppet Jazz
The Shimmer Effect Misty Play Uranometria
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