Jul 142013


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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #123

Available from 14th July 2013

Artist Track Source
Elektr@ 123 tenAtom
Tiruset Soundscape 234 Minimal Machine Music
Code Area 51 (505 345 675 Delta 9) 505 345 675 Delta 9
Cezary Gapik #0456 Vol.49
Legion Komarov 1654 The Cave I
Somnambulists Numbers Necktar 2017 Volume 3
Steve Moore Somnambule A Quiet Gathering
Desmond Leslie Gathering Of The Elders Music Of The Future
HermeneutecH We Can Keep Quiet On
M. Zalla Inquietudine Mondo Inquieto
Cory Allen Telepathic Solve Quiet Design
David Lewin Study No. 1 Music from Mathematics
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  One Response to “Phantom Circuit #123”

  1. great mix, some of this music is really hard to find, thanks for making it available.