May 122013

Plastic spacescapes and mechanical music.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #119

Available from 12th May 2013

Artist Track Source
Last Man in Europe TV Addict A Certain Bridge (7″)
6&8 Eurocrotch City Plaintive
The Plastic People Of The Universe Rosie Rottencrotch Muž Bez Uší (Man with no Ears
Plastic Ink Chizz Minimalizmikus Miniatures
Phenoplastic If They Could Sing Presented In Colour
Phenoplastic Signals Liquid Condition
Artefactum Drifting Through Corridor of the Stars Lost Signals From Unknown Horizons
P. Tale Jack Kosmos Blue Sky System
Xenoton Ballétt Mechanique Interkosmos
Научно-Электронное Музыкальное Объединение Механизация Механизация
Pierre Charial (comp. Györgi Ligeti) Musica ricercata 3. Allegro con spirito Mechanical Music
Stable Mechanism Sheriff’s Line Do Not Cross Directed by
Quimper Savage Soft Bodies Don’t Bleed
Sadsic Rainbow Blood b. forever
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