Apr 262013

Mystery trips.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #118

Available from 26th April 2013

Artist Track Source
Eii Yoshizawa feat Hanudata 8 Floaka Waka Flocka
Ulf Kramer wave007.1 ~ w0001 Abortifacient
Faust Mikrowaves Abzu
David Prescott Travelling by Short-Waves 1 Journey to the End of Night
Carya Amara The Delay to Your Journey The Late Carya Amara
Trevor Wishart Two Women Part 1 Voiceprints
Zhou Xuan (周璇) (aka Chow Hsuan) 兩條路上- Two Roads Vol. 3 – Flowering Youth/ 周璇之三 花樣的年華
Echoculture Paradise Road Poets And Artists
AKU Crossroad On Fire
Stratis Mystery Trip New Face
Leaving Days Apart New Weird Australia, Western Schism
Moral New Experiments Whispering Sons
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