Mar 242013

Some Things Bright and Beautiful.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #116

Available from 25th March 2013

Artist Track Source
Killing Joke Age of Greed Laugh? I Nearly Bought One!
Tubeway Army I Nearly Married a Human Replicas
Alan Parker No Return Black Pearl
Byetone Black Peace SyMeta
pEACEFANg Macoun Like Wound pEACEFANg
6&8 exerciseInBeauty.step3 exercisesInBeauty
The Goodies All Things Bright and Beautiful The Goodies Sing Songs from The Goodies
30[eks] All Kinds Of Things Thirty X
Meat Beat Manifesto Everything’s Under Control Actual Sounds + Voices
Crispy Ambulance Concorde Square The Plateau Phase [bonus track]
Portion Control Plateau Stage Assault
Tree Helicopter Count Control Control Moon Calf
Armand Frydman Radio-Control Telecom
Brian Hodgson / BBC Radiophonic Workshop Spaceship Control Room Atmosphere Out Of This World
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