Mar 102013


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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #115

Available from 10th March 2013

Artist Track Source
Satoi Hate Us For Now, Wait
Morphine Bandit Painting of Hate Subtle Shift Theory
XMRV Máš Ma Rád (Vrava Noisebeat Inspiration v1.1 Remix) Máš Ma Rád
Norah Lorway Alone Together I’ve Had Dreams Like This
Entertainment for the Braindead The Dream Songs for the Apocalypse
Collection d’Arnell-Andréa Aux Mortes Saisons Mea Pulpa
Siamgda & Morty Shanti Riders The Beach
Bernard S aka Laab, Julien F aka June, Franck R aka Francky Ride Arrivée Session 1
Asgard Aufbruch Aufbruch
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