Feb 182013

I am the demi-god of hellfire and I bring you – smoke.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #114

Available from 18th February 2013

Artist Track Source
Ensemble Pittoresque Program Frequenz
Apocalyptic Frequency Experience La Reina Herida Subliminal Info Data
Nata I’ve Got It! Swelter Frequencies
Env(Itre) Tejas (Fire) Tattwa
A Split-Second Fire Kiss of Fury
Ensemble Economique Bonfires Psychical
Sun-Inside Fire Tasters Vinegar4
Ike Yard Half a God 1980-82 Collected
Richard H. Kirk L.D. 50 Disposable Half-Truths
Matilda Una Nueva Verdad Las Acciones Cotidianas
Gozne Ventana Paisajes Cotidianos
Annabel Lamb Heartland Heartland
Second Layer Definition of Honour World Of Rubber
Guillotine Hairshaver Layer Works 2 Miloque Kloque
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